Friday, February 24, 2006

Anniversary time

The Western press loves a good anniversary. Nothing proves this more than the 20th anniversary of "people power," the mass uprising than ended the Marcos dictatorship. Here are a few of that stories that examine the Philippines 20 years later.

Glory Days, Time Asia, Feb. 27, 2006
Filipinos wonder what's changed 20 years after Marcos, AFP, Feb. 22, 2006
In 20 years since Marcos, little stability for Philippines, Washington Post, Feb. 24, 2006


Anonymous Thingfish said...

Is it really just 'the western press' that loves an anniversary? Seems to me every paper in the Philippines has been crowing about this one for months.

It's easy to blame the western press for all the world's ills, but I just blame the media.

2:19 AM  
Blogger Sidney said...

Why blame the media????

11:03 AM  

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